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I was 17 and had my g / f was 18 brenda We are in the pub on the upper road, when these guys TRWO came and stood beside us in the youjizz bar the great thirst something stupid boy, and we laughed wanted a drink, asked brandy and Babycham hope that sed that were much higher than they had money and therefore have a bb each one, then another, then \\ \\ n the club down, be come woth us? While we all agree to the disco, dance, BB more - sour to the apartment of the man two virgins, but they were caressing than ever, ' to the end ' Brenda was kissing the big guy and I with the skinny, Brenda moaned and I saw that he put his hands under her skirt, youjizz like my friend it was fine, youjizz but I thought youjizz I 'd try to catch me sed i virgin not all the way and be ok that I had a good run then masturbate his cock in my hand and I knew how to masturbate good guys, several I'de it b4. moaned and shot his load in her handkerchief. looked and saw his boy brenda masturbating too much. We made ​​an appointment for the following night, and taken to a Chinese restaurant then back to the apartment. Meanwhile, I was thirsty and Brenda hand? sed do not know. youjizz were kissing again and i cud see Brenda had the skirt at the waist, and then I saw her panties were open and legs n after a while I looked up and squeaked, he was fucking her and her she moaned hard and making strange noises. my husband took off my panties, no, I sed youjizz Virgin, not all the way - that thirst is not quite right and then he was my pants down, O Christ, and he started licking my pussy with my tongue - shit shit Str8 ioo eeeeeeeeeeeee cummed off - he did it again and I cummed again went on further, and I was mad and had gotten his cock in my hand, and be Suck my cock it's my turn - I just did it because I was mad, and then shot in the mouth - i cried and aaaaghWe all have strongly condemned thick salty cum in the mouth, swallow, youjizz he said : I have almost choked on the damn was so salty drowning, was Brenda and her boyfriend looked at me and made ​​thirsty Christian sed that my husband sucks cock, because shud do is better than shit, stuck his head out of the great men and try to suck cocks, while we have seen. and saw her gasping and choking, and cummed in her mouth. the coming months and it was bloody coup, and one day and I am brenda cunt sucking each other. that was beautiful and we had that much, while the boys looked at each other. then we have the guts Sharing, keeps the load in her mouth to kiss and then share the Cummings. This lasted for a few months - then wow wow wow, they asked us both to get married! was 20 years and we are still together, living in a big house with the four of us. Brenda has two children and so it was the only rule is that her husband could never catch med i can never fucking guy. Suck, yes, still - a good four corners. We are dicreet before the children, but everyone is super excited
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